TRINITY is proud to announce our latest Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.66!

In simplest terms this number gauges past cost of injuries and future chances of risk. It is a numeric representation of a business’s claims history and safety record as compared to other businesses in the same industry in the same state.

Our DART rate is 0, as there have been no reported workers compensation injuries from October 2011 through September 2017!

These numbers are used to calculate insurance rates and are also used in the industry as an indicator of safe work practices. Attaining low rates begins with clearly written safety plans both at the Corporate level and at the project level to address site-specific conditions. In addition to these plans, TRINITY provides adequate safety training and equipment, fosters employee understanding and buy-in to safe work practices, supports functioning together as a team to analyze and improve work practices, and instills a sincere desire for our employees to work safely and effectively at all times. At TRINITY, we believe in Safety – No exceptions!

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