Consumptive Use Permit

Calhoun County, FL

Woerner Turf, Inc.

Woerner Development, Inc. developed a sod farm near Clarksville, Florida, and sought a Consumptive Use Permit (CUP) from the Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD) for withdrawal of groundwater for sod irrigation. Woerner, who was pursuing an average daily withdrawal allowance of 1.385 million gallons per day (mgd) from the Floridan Aquifer, tasked TRINITY with performance of a hydrogeological investigation in support of the CUP.

TRINITY developed an investigation and performed or managed all of necessary field work. Trinity oversaw the installation of a 12-inch test well and three 4-inch monitoring wells, logged the cuttings, and geophysically logged the wells with natural gamma, normal resistivity (8/16/32/64-inch), spontaneous potential, single point resistance, fluid resistivity, fluid temperature, and caliper tools. The test well and two monitoring wells were installed in the Floridan Aquifer, with the third monitoring well being installed in the surficial aquifer. The test well was the deepest well, terminated at a depth of 703 feet below land surface.

A datalogger was set in each well to record water levels throughout each phase of aquifer testing. Antecedent data was collected prior to the drawdown portion of the test. A 72-hour drawdown test was conducted, with the test well being pumped at a rate of 430 gallon per minute. Subsequent to the drawdown test, a 72-hour recovery period was recorded. Aquifer test data was analyzed to determine hydraulic characteristics of the aquifer, specifically, hydraulic conductivity, transmissivity, and specific storage. In turn, this data was utilized to develop a groundwater model in support of the CUP, which was ultimately issued to Woerner by the NWFWMD.

Client Reference

Mr. Kenny Heil

Woerner Development, Inc.

Completion Date
May 2008

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