Consumptive Use Permit

Lynn Haven, FL

City of Lynn Haven.

TRINITY performed field work and developed a three-dimensional groundwater model in support of the City’s application to the Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD) for Renewal and Modification of its Consumptive Use Permit (CUP). Field work consisted of logging cuttings from a test well, geophysical logging of two test wells, and conducting an aquifer test at one test well. Data derived from the field work was incorporated into the groundwater flow model.

Modeling was required by the NWFWMD to predict impacts that could potentially result from increased groundwater withdrawals, including the addition of two more production wells. At time of modeling, Lynn Haven operated five groundwater production wells drawing from the Floridan Aquifer. Two proposed wells would also potentially draw from the Floridan Aquifer.

Modeling was achieved by updating an existing groundwater flow model produced by TRINITY in 2002. The updated model was used to complete both steady-state and transient simulations to predict long-term and short-term impacts resulting from increased withdrawals. Model updates included changes in hydrostratigraphic surface interpretations, updated hydraulic conductivity values, different model grid discretization and assigned boundary conditions, and groundwater recharge rates. Most of the updates were made to integrate data resulting from additional subsurface investigation that took place in Bay County and vicinity since 2002.

Customer Reference

Ms. Brittany Trumbull

Preble-Rish, Inc.

Client Reference

Mr. Jim Slonina, P.E.

Panhandle Engineering, Inc.

Completion Date
February 2013

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