Consumptive Use Permit

East Milton, FL

East Milton Water System

The unconfined surficial aquifer (formally, the Sand & Gravel Aquifer) is a highly productive source of good quality groundwater in the area of Milton, Florida. The East Milton Water System (EMWS) operates a well field east of Milton, drawing water from the Sand & Gravel Aquifer to supply potable water to approximately 11,000 rural residents in Santa Rosa County.

EMWS employed TRINITY to assess groundwater conditions through research, data assessment, and ultimately, development of a groundwater model. The groundwater model was wanted to provide guidance in the efficient use and development of the local groundwater resource. In constructing the model, consideration was given to sustainable pumping rates, optimal locations for additional pumping wells, conservation of wetland ecosystems and sensitive aquifer recharge areas, and potential interference with other surficial aquifer wells.

A conceptual model (CM) was developed to represent the area between the Yellow and Blackwater Rivers in Santa Rosa and Okaloosa Counties. The major hydrogeologic feature in the model domain is an east-west groundwater divide between the two rivers. These rivers, along with Blackwater Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, represent hydraulic boundaries in the CM. Vertical variability in the aquifer was represented through three zones; the upper, low perm, and lower zones. Geophysical logs and aquifer pumping test data were used to identify the surface elevations of aquifer/aquitard zones and reasonable aquifer parameter distributions. A three-dimensional numerical groundwater flow model was created based on the CM to represent real world conditions.

Client Reference

Eat Milton Water System, Incorporated

Completion Date
September 2012

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