Water Baseline Survey and Sustainability Report

AFSOC Installations
Cannon Air Force Base, NM
Hurlburt Field, FL

Water Baseline Survey and Sustainability Report

Due to documented declining water levels in the only viable aquifer at Cannon AFB (CAFB), Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) chose to launch a comprehensive water supply investigation for both AFSOC assets, CAFB and Hurlburt Field, FL. Technical, economic, and policy information was reviewed and summarized for AFSOC, and a comprehensive database consisting of water usage data, withdrawal permits, geologic and hydrogeologic data, and existing groundwater model information, was compiled and evaluated. Reporting was aimed at providing AFSOC with a grasp of water resource conditions, feasible resource alternatives, resource sustainability, and viable best management practices. AFSOC considered the study imperative to its short and long-term mission planning, with an emphasis placed on CAFB.

Two regional groundwater models for the area including CAFB were evaluated and determined to lack the resolution necessary to properly evaluate groundwater availability in the Southern High Plains Aquifer on a local level. More than 100 reports regarding the aquifer were consulted, and construction details for more than 360 High Plains Aquifer wells with lithologic descriptions and geophysical logs were used to construct and model the base of the aquifer at CAFB. More than 50 years of groundwater table elevation data were then plotted to demonstrate regional declines in water levels, and to determine a remaining saturated thickness of the remaining aquifer. This data was then incorporated into model to demonstrate projected declines and groundwater availability. Regional groundwater models indicate a big-picture, regional flow regime, trending to the southeast. TRINITY’s model, using local data, revealed a localized paleochannel traversing the Installation, drawing water to it from the east and west.

TRINITY provided AFSOC with a scientifically defensible mechanism for planning, fulfilling, and sustaining their mission with regard to water supplies. Trinity also made several programmatic recommendations designed to eliminate system inefficiencies, and reduce waste and costs.

The investigation at Hurlburt Field was significantly different from CAFB, as the base benefits from an abundant supply of high-quality water. Hurlburt Field experiences measured growth in both population and water requirements, but efforts are currently focused on continued and improved water conservation.

Customer Reference

Mr. John Steele (Former AFSOC)


Client Reference

Ms. Terri Thomas (Former CO)

USACE Omaha District

Completion Date
February 2012


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