Water Resources Investigation

Shoal River Ranch, FL

Hydrogeologic Investigation and Groundwater Modeling

TRINITY was employed to investigate water resources and crop irrigation potential on the 10,500 acre Shoal River Ranch near Crestview, Florida. A prospective buyer of the ranch was interested in row cropping approximately 1,550 acres of the property which would require irrigation. Since the NWFWMD had previously denied a permit for withdrawals of sufficient volume from the Floridan Aquifer, Trinity guided the perspective buyer toward an investigation of alternative resources. The investigation was directed at an evaluation of groundwater available from the Sand & Gravel Aquifer, surface water stored in the numerous impoundments on the property, and even the Shoal River itself.

TRINITY installed a pumping well and two observation wells at two different strategic locations on the ranch. At each location, an eight-hour drawdown test was conducted for aquifer evaluation. At one of the surface water impoundments, drawdown and recovery tests were conducted using a 4-inch PVC siphon arrangement. Data was used to evaluate the volume of water stored and available for crop irrigation, and also to observe recharge rates from the Sand & Gravel Aquifer to the impoundment. Additionally, flow rates of four major creeks traversing the ranch were measured and used in the evaluation.

The AFSIRS Model was applied to determine a water budget for the crops of interest, and water available was assessed for both average and peak demand periods. TRINITY determined that there was an insufficient quantity of water available to accomplish the goals of the perspective buyer, without supplementing with withdrawals from the Floridan Aquifer.

Customer Reference

Jesse McDowell

Resource Land Holdings
Denver Colorado

Completion Date
December 2013

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