Geophysical Logging

"The most important objective of borehole geophysics is to obtain more information from a well than can be obtained from drilling, sampling, and testing (alone)."

W. Scott Keys, 1989
Inaccurate site characterization is arguably the primary reason many environmental and water resource projects fail to meet objectives or budget.  When subsurface conditions are poorly or incompletely characterized, our understanding (conceptual model) is compromised, and the decisions made from that uncertain foundation can be costly.
Geophysical logging is a reliable method of optimizing the information that can be gained from a borehole, thus enhancing our understanding of subsurface conditions and providing solid foundation for cost-effective decision making. 
Often referred to as "well logging" or "wireline logging," geophyisical logging is the practice of measuring the physical properties of geologic formations, fluids, and well materials surrounding a borehole with instruments as they are lowered into and retrieved from the hole. The detailed information provided by geophysical logs are "...essential for the development, management, and monitoring of groundwater resources and the characterization and remediation of contaminated sites."  (USGS, 2006).
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Our Services

  • Geophysical Logging Services:  Trinity owns and operates a geophysical logging system with the capability to log holes/wells as deep at 2,800 feet and as small as 2 inches in diameter.  Our logging vehicles are four-wheel drive (and ATV) for access to difficult and remote locations.  Our logging software enables us to provide log deliverables in a variety of formats.
  • Geophysical Consulting Services:  Trinity's staff includes professionals with decades of geophysical logging experience.  In addition to running logs, we also provide consulting services to drillers, consultants, and water managers regarding log interpretation and development of logging strategies tailored to specific project needs. 
There is a geophysical application for nearly every environmental project.
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