Ohio BUSTR Tier I Delineation

Springfield-Beckley Air National Guard, OH

Soil Contaminants Investigation

TRINITY was responsible for the expedited response and execution of subsurface delineation of contamination associated with fuel impacted soils left in place after the removal of four 25,000 gallon underground storage tanks. Upon notice to proceed, a Tier I Delineation Work Plan was prepared in accordance with Ohio Division of State Fire Marshall Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) and submitted prior to the compliance deadline to prevent issuance of a Notice of Violation. Trinity mobilized and performed a DPT soil and groundwater investigation and sampling phase, with analytical results obtained on rapid turn-around. Soil sampling was followed by the installation of permanent monitoring wells and groundwater sampling. Results of the investigation indicated that contamination had been successfully delineated to BUSTR Tier I Delineation Levels and was supplemented by a final report.
TRINITY provided the following:

  • Tier I Delineation Work Plan
  • Subsurface Investigation, Including Subcontractors
  • Health and Safety Monitoring
  • Final Report

Customer Reference

Mr. Thomas Haley

Springfield-Beckley ANG
Environmental Manager

Client Reference

Mr. Todd Wolpert

USACE Omaha District

Completion Date
August 2014

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