Groundwater Investigation

Moore Well, Jay, FL

Monitoring Well Installation

On Sunday June 29, 2014, an unknown quantity of brine water and crude oil was released from an active petroleum production well, Oil & Gas Permit 540 Moore # 19-2 Well located in Jay, Florida. Fluids were released to the Sand & Gravel Aquifer, used locally as the primary source of drinking water. The release was reported to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), who in turn contacted their emergency responder (SWS Environmental) for support. SWS subsequently requested TRINITY to perform monitoring well installation, well development, and groundwater sampling. The FDEP regarded this project urgent to complete, as they were instructed that analytical data concerning the release needed to be “on the Governor’s desk on Monday [July 7, 2014] morning”.

On Tuesday and Wednesday (July 1 and 2, 2014), TRINITY discussed the scope of work and logistics with SWS and the FDEP, generated a cost estimate, and secured contracts with SWS and a Florida licensed water well driller. TRINITY field staff and project manager met the subcontracted drilling crew (with equipment) onsite, Thursday morning (July 3, 2014) alongside FDEP emergency response personnel.

Drilling activities commenced within 48 hours of request for services. Four monitoring wells were installed within a 200 foot radius of the petroleum well using rotosonic drilling methods. Sediments extracted from the borehole were screened with a FID for petroleum contamination. Wells were terminated at a total depth of approximately 46 feet below land surface, with all screens set to bracket the water table to allow for measuring free product if present. Groundwater samples were collected in concert with FDEP personnel immediately after well development, but prior to grouting and surface completion. FDEP assumed responsibility for monitoring well placement, total depths of each well, and laboratory analyses. A third party representing the owner of the petroleum well collected and analyzed “split” samples.

By Saturday, July 5, 2014, well installation, development, sampling, and surveying were completed, and the FDEP was effectively equipped to meet their July 7, 2014 deadline.

Customer Reference

Mr. Bruce McNutt

Office of Emergency Response
Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Pensacola, FL

Client Reference

Mr. Mike Harper

SWS Environmental Services, Pensacola, FL

Completion Date
July 2014

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