Operational Range Assessments

Hurlburt Field, FL
Cannon Air Force Base, NM
Melrose Air Force Range, NM

Small Arms and Bombing Range

TRINITY conducted Phase I Operational Range Assessments (ORAs) for AFSOC assets in accordance with DoD policy and Directives (DoD 4715.11 and 4715.14) and the Air Force Range Sustainment Program, to evaluate the potential for a release or substantial threat of release of munition constituents (MCs) to off-range areas, and provide a baseline for informed decision-making on environmental resource management and comprehensive planning in support of range sustainability and mission readiness. Using the USAF guidance document entitled, Operational Range Assessment Program (ORAP), Version 3.0, TRINITY conducted Phase I ORAs at two small arms ranges (SAR) on Hurlburt Field, Florida; one indoor SAR at Cannon AFB, NM; and an active bombing range at Melrose AFR, NM.

Using data derived from research and document review, TRINITY developed Conceptual Site Models (CSMs) to graphically describe existing relationships between MC source areas, transport mechanisms, and receptors, and to determine a degree of completeness of each exposure pathway. TRINITY determined that a release or threat of release of MCs off range was possible and that exposure pathways between MC sources on a subject range and off-range human and/or ecological receptors were potentially complete for each range. As a result, TRINITY recommended the USAF conduct a Phase II Qualitative Assessment at each range to further investigate MC migration and source-receptor interaction. The Phase I Qualitative ORA reports were reviewed by AFSOC (Hurlburt and Cannon AFB) with support from Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) Range Management since these were among the first ORAP assessments to be completed under the new Air Force Guidance.

TRINITY provided the following:

  • Report and Project Documentation
  • Conceptual Site Models
  • Recommendations

Customer Reference

Mr. Joseph Gootee

AFSOC, Hurlburt Field, FL
Environmental Restoration PM

Client Reference

Mr. Lucas Walsh

USACE Omaha District

Completion Date
January 2014

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