Environmental Site Assessment

Port St. Joe, FL

Phase II Investigation

TRINITY performed an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on behalf of Rentech, Inc., Los Angeles, CA. Rentech authorized Trinity to conduct a Phase I ESA as an initial step in the environmental due diligence process, as they considered the purchase of an industrial site near Port St. Joe, FL. The site had been utilized as an intermodal terminal that received, stored, reclaimed, and transferred coal and sand from 1982 to 2007. The Phase I investigation concluded that there were sufficient recognized environmental conditions to recommend a Phase II investigation of potential environmental impacts to the site.

The Phase II ESA consisted of groundwater and soil quality investigations. Fourteen soil samples were analyzed for RCRA 8 metals using EPA Methods 6010B and 7470A, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using EPA Method 8260, semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs) using EPA Method 8270C and 8270CSIM, and total residual petroleum hydrocarbons (TRPH) using method Florida Petroleum Residual Organics (FL-PRO). Seven monitoring wells were installed and sampled for the same analytical suite.

Based on analytical results indicating very minor impacts, TRINITY recommended that there was little reason to suspect the presence of hazardous substances or petroleum products in soil or groundwater at concentrations above associated Florida Cleanup Target Levels. Trinity also recommended that no additional investigative activities were warranted.

Customer Reference

Mr. John Diesch

Rentech, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Completion Date
June 2011

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